(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Subordinate addition
1. (something that accompanies) accompaniment, concomitance, company, association, companionship, [copartnership, fellowship, coefficiency; sidebar. See synchronism, sequence, music, effect.
2. (related idea) concomitant, accessory, adjunct, corollary, coefficient.
3. (person who accompanies) companion, attendant, fellow, associate, consort, spouse, colleague, comrade, compadre; accompanist; [co]partner, satellite, hanger-on, shadow; convoy, cortege, escort, bodyguard, chaperon (See safety); retainer[s], retinue, entourage, court, following (See servant); cavalier, squire; fellow traveler, camp follower. Slang, pard, sidekick. See friend, marriage.
Verbs — accompany, attend, hang on, wait on, go along with, go hand in hand with, keep company, row in the same boat, associate or consort with, take up with, hang around; string along; escort, usher, chaperon, conduct, convoy, squire, see out. Informal, take out. See effect.
Adjectives — accompanying, attendant, concomitant, fellow, associated, coupled, accessory, peripheral.
Adverbs — hand in hand, arm in arm, side by side, cheek to cheek, hand in glove, together, at one's side; in tow; on one's coattails; in a body, in company. Informal, cheek by jowl.
Prepositions — with, together with, along with, in company with.
Conjunctions — and, both, also.
Phrases — a man is known by the company he keeps.
Antonyms, See disjunction.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [That which accompanies as a necessary part of another]
Syn. accessory, adjunct, concomitant, consequence, necessary circumstance, appurtenance, attribute, context, appendage, necessary link, attendant condition, attachment, attendant, complement, coexistence, supplement.
2. [Incidental music]
Syn. accompanying instrument, backup, orchestral part, obbligato, piano part, instrumental music, chords, background music, harmony, minor harmony, subsidiary part, supplementary part, continuo; see also music 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
backup, harmony, background, instrument, rhythm player, *side-kick.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. One that accompanies another: associate, attendant, companion, concomitant. See ACCOMPANIED. 2. Something added to another for embellishment or completion: complement, enhancement, enrichment. See ACCOMPANIED.

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